Just a perfect SPA weekend …. english version!!

Travelling is not one of my inclinations…I don’t like flying and as I have already told you, I could  get lost in an airplane toilet, nevemind in some remote corner of the world….!

Having said this, I do like short ‘me’ breaks; two days at the spa to renew body and spirit with massages, good food, soft towels and silky pillowcases.

bef71942080c6d0cfe28d3782d729967I think every woman should plan a seasonal short ‘me’ break in her schedule…

these are my comandaments:

Rule Number 1: You shall be ALONE….leaving your own personal David Gandy at home to research his next advertising campaign…
Rule Number 2: In order to obtain maximum ‘body and soul’ benefits, you shall choose a top class establishment, even if you generally love staying at Aunt Petronella’s B&B!!

 tumblr_na8q7zrZcC1tih8ano1_500[1]Rule Number 3: Your luggage should be essential AND luxurious: pack only clothes you feel beautiful in! A pair of trousers with a crisp white shirt will be perfect for breakfast, a tracksuit for lounging around in, a mini dress for dinner!
Rule Number 4: In order not to sit down at your dinner table reading the menu over and over again, you shall bring a small book or a magazine. Avoid ‘100 shades of…’ which is too COUGAR on the hunt!

Rule Number 5: Enjoy every moment!
Happy ‘me ‘ break from Snowinluxury




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