Just a perfect summer bracelet… Briccola!

untitled1Hanno il nome dei venti Libeccio, Maestrale, Grecale, Tramontana, Bora


Snowinluxury ha scelto il vento di Ponente libertà in rosa per questa estate che verra’


Si acquistano anche online al prezzo di € 25,00 o nei negozi autorizzati


Perché i sogni non fanno rumore



  1. Ciao Bella! I have invited you to a few of my Pinterest boards. I hope you will join! Also, I see you are from Bolzano. My father’s family is from Belluno. Is that far? I am in California. Thanks for sharing these lovely bracelets.

    1. Hallo Fabiana, many thanks! j’am sorry but my english is very very bad!!!!! yes j live in Bolzano, but my family and my are from Belluno near Cortina d’ Ampezzo! you now? J look now in pinterest!! J’am very happy for your written! j know your blog! and i like it very much! Ciao Ciao e grazie mille per seguirmi!!!! adesso vado su pinterest a verificare!

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